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[Inspiration] "We're in this together. You and me. Everything I am is because of you."

Oh, how I love deleted scenes. This show really delivered them. The few scenes I've seen have just been all around awesome, but this one, in particular, actually blew my mind a little bit and made me think about the show in a completely different way.


After comparing the dates in this flashback scene and the one they played in the show, where Joe "teaches" Roderick, I've realized that we've had their relationships completely backwards. (That scene happened in 2003, whereas this one took place in 2002.) According to the show as it stands, it seemed like Roderick Tim was sort of a troubled college kid that Joe either preyed upon and "corrupted" into killing people, or a kid who was already pretty messed up and who Joe helped to channel the killing urges Tim may have felt (as a teenager most likely suffering from a history of abuse).

But according to this--unless Joe and Roderick are pretending not to know each other (which I first suspected but then tossed aside by the end of the scene)--Joe sought out Roderick after discovering he was a dirty cop. According to this, Roderick didn't even go to school at Winslow, let alone was he in one of Joe's classes. Furthermore, I always assumed that, after Joe was put in prison, he and Roderick schemed and figured out how to get Roderick into the Havenport police department specifically to protect the area around that mansion (and so Joe would have allies in law enforcement positions). I thought Roderick becoming a police officer was a direction reaction of Joe getting arrested. (Also, it was always kind of suspicious how quickly he rose up through the police ranks to be sheriff at such a young age.)

But (!) if we follow this scene, Roderick was already a cop when he met Joe--probably for many years prior--and had either just begun abusing his power or Joe had just begun noticing it. (I imagine he'd been doing it for a while, but Joe had only recently taken notice because his own 'dark passenger' (to steal the phrase from Jeff Lindsay) was starting to take the wheel.) According to this, they were two separate psychopaths who linked up; sure, Joe taught Roderick some things, but they have nothing close to the student/teacher relationship I'd always assumed. However, I don't think this really changes how close they are--Joe still came into his life at what was probably a troubled, and seemed to help him channel his rage/urges in less noticeable patterns.

Anyway... I just finished a final and yet this is what blows my mind. Happy Friday!
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